What WE can do for you

Landscape Design Plans / Landscape Architecture and informal Site Consultations


your design begins with a site meeting and we walk around with and discussions made. We learn about your families needs,  wants & expectations.

At this point we may offer you advice on the day at the standard hourly rate or provide a fee proposal for a landscape design. Every jobs different till we see your levels, aspect, existing trees to remain or go and drainage issues if any walls needed then we provide a landscape design provide a fee proposal.

note: if you proceed with a landscape design the cost of initial site meeting fees shall be deducted from the Design Fees  proposal.

Landscape Reports & Certificates

If requested we supply a landscape design report or certificate in support of the landscape design and well respected colleague provides arborist reports.


Our team of contractors and suppliers produce high quality landscapes in a stress free manner. All contractors are licenced and insured and more importantly respect your properties and don’t leave any rubbish behind.

We happy to construct from any reputable landscape designers or landscape architects plans.

If any engineering required we may organise from one or our associate engineers

Project Management

We coordinate trades for home owners, developers, architects and builders to make landscaping dreams come true, large projects to small projects, courtyards size to 100acres.